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Red's Full Frame 8K contender. 8K Full Frame and 6K S35 gives the most flexibility for your shoot. 

Red DSMC2 Monstro 8K

    • 1x Red Monstro DSMC2 8k VV brain
    • 1x RED PRO 7" Touch Screen w/ sunshade
    • 1x Red V-lock IO expander
    • 1x RED Top handle with Start/Stop
    • 1x RED Side Handle with controls
    • 15mm rails (4" - 6" - 8" pairs)
    • 4x RED 150wh V-lock batteries
    • 1x RED V-lock Dual charger
    • 1x Smallrig Dovetail baseplate
    • 1x 12" ARRI Dovetail
    • 2x 480gb RED mini-mag
    • 1x REDMAG usb3 reader
    • 1x Noga Arm
    • 2x EVF Cable
    • 1x Lemo A adapter

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