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How to Configure a Ronin 2

An indepth how to video on setup, configuration, and balance of our Ronin 2 Gimbal

How to Configure a Ronin RS3 Pro

In todays video we go over how to configure and balance a full size DSCM2 Red with cinema lens, Follow Focus Motor, and mattebox all on an Ronin RS3.

How to Setup and Configure a Tripod

Learn how to setup and configure your tripod and fluid head as well as match it to your payload.
For creators in the LA area you can rent a 1040D from us

How to setup a Hostest Tray Car Mount Rig

Learn the best practice in setting up a Hostess Tray Car mount rig.

DaVinci Resolve - Calibration of LG Monitors

We go over the strengths and weaknesses of the LG OLED displays as a Reference Grading monitor and show you how to Calibrate and setup in Davinci Resolve for the best performance.

How to Setup and Balance a Movi Pro

Completed in depth how to setup a motorized gimbal like the Freefly MoVI Pro, DJI Ronin, or similar. Learn the proper method to configure and balance motorized gimbals

Premiere PD1 Dolly Setup

How to use our PD1 Portable dolly - Complete setup and tear down

How to clean a cinema lens

Learn the best practice for cleaning lenses without damage to the coatings.

Setup of our Universal car mount in hood configuration

Quick how to video on setting up our DeHaven Camera car mount kit in hood configuration

DaVinci Resolve - Vectorscopes

In our first color workflow video we discuss tips on using the Vectorscope to set color temperature and skin tones.
We are using Davinci Resolve 18 and our favorite plug in for high end scopes

How to setup and use our Phantom HD Gold

Basic rundown on the operation of the Phantom HD Gold from shooting to downloading media.

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