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DeHaven Camera Help Center

Are you on set and have questions or issues?

For emergency support only please call 424-259-1003 ext 1 - for after hours support please text the same number

  • Can I pickup at 9am or even before 12pm on my scheduled pickup day?
    Yes, IF you book for a pickup the day prior. While we do our best to accommodate your production schedule we ask that if you are shooting on a scheduled pickup day that you pay for that day as a shoot day. Pickup days are just that, reserved for your pickup and prep and as such the gear you are booking may not be ready by 9am as it likely could be coming back from a prior rental which could be as late as 12pm and then we need to clean, test and recheck it out to you. If you have a flexible schedule and are just looking to grab some extra shots on your pickup day, then we will do our best to get your gear to you as early as possible, but please plan around the fact that likely it wont be till after 12pm in many cases. If you absolutely need the gear early for your shoot the same day please book for a pickup the day prior, this assures you availability and then you can pickup either the day before or the day of as early as 9am..
  • Is there parking?
    Yes we have parking lot and ample street parking.
  • I see that my direct quote prices differ from prices I see on sharegrid?
    In regards to sharegrid pricing vs our pricing when working with us directly. A few things to consider. Sharegrid charges a community fee which does increase the listed price to some extent. As well when we do booking via sharegrid they handle a significant amount of the overhead such as verifying identity and insurance, processing payments, and managing the overall booking experience. This overhead is something that we have to account for on our end when booking with us directly. Please consider this as we do put in a great deal of effort working with you to craft a package that will fit your needs, this service is what sets apart the experience when booking on sharegrid directly as there is no one to one support for choosing items etc. While we do try to maintain competitive pricing to the wider industry, you may see some differences when booking with us directly. As well as are always happy to still work with you via sharegrid in cases where that workflow is more efficient for your project. Alternatively if you do have budget limits please communicate that to us when you are requesting a package so that we can best work to find tools that fit or best your budget. thanks DeHaven Staff
  • Will that 4 x 4 floppy fit in my car standard car?
    To accommodate a 4 x 4 floppy, a large SUV, van or truck is needed but we do offer 3 x 3 floppies that generally will fit in a standard car
  • Do I have to use Sharegrid to rent from DeHaven camera?
    Absolutely not.. You can rent from us directly or via sharegrid. See our Insurance and Documents page for all the papoerwork you need to start an account with us. Please note it can take up to 48hrs to start a new account.. Sharegrid is always a great option as well, especially if you do not have insurance as they can provide Damage and Theft Coverage up to $30,000 instantly.
  • What if I don’t have my own insurance policy?
    We can help.. See our Insurance and Documents page and click the Buy Insurance Now button. Alternatively you can book via sharegrid and use their damage and theft coverage for instant coverage up to $30,000
  • What info do I need on my COI
    The COI issued will need to match the name/company on the account/booking.The COI should show coverage for rented equipment, have DeHaven Camera Corp as a “Loss Payee” and show the limit for rented equipment and the deductible. We need it to show contact email and phone number for the agent/broker for verification.All documents need to be submitted at least 3 days prior to pickup date to allow time for verification.
  • Can I rent without a valid ID? Or with a Foreign ID?
    Unfortunately no, a this time we require a Valid US ID or a Work Visa with Passport and Proof of US residence
  • I don’t see the package I’m looking for. Do you do custom packages?
    Sure, send an email to and let us know what you are looking for and we will help you out.
  • What if I dont see the item I am looking for in your inventory
    While we do our best to keep our site up to date, we add new items all the time. So send us an email at and let us know what you are looking for and we will help you out!
  • I can’t pick up. Can someone else pick up on my behalf?
    Certainly! If you have booked direct just sent us an email with the name of your authorized pickup person If you booked via sharegrid you can set an authorized person on the booking / message thread page
  • Are there special requirements to fly with the rental gear?
    Yes and No.. While there are not specific requirements, its always a good idea to let the rental house know you will be traveling so we can assist is safely packing the gear for air travel. However if you are traveling outside the USA you will need to let us know so we can verify your international insurance coverage and help assist you in creation of your Carnet
  • Do you require your logo to be displayed at the end of our film
    While we dont require anything, since our team goes to great lengths to make sure your gear is reliable and well maintained for your shoot, we love it when you can share the love and put us in the credits!
  • What are the pick up and drop off times?
    Pickup is after 12pm and before 6pm. You can schedule your pickup time on our home page under "Schedule Pickup and Prep" Returns are anytime between 9am and 12pm on the day of your scheduled return Early pickup and drop off can be accommodated with prior scheduling and is based on availability
  • Can I extend my rental?
    Rentals may be extended with 24 hrs notice but is based on availability
  • Unfortunately some gear was lost or damaged on our shoot. What should I do?
    Dont worry, we will help you out. Things happen and thats why we have insurance. Whenever possible let us know immediately either via email, phone or message on Sharegrid. Once the damaged items are returned, and inspected. We will let you know what to do next.
  • Do you offer support if we’re having an issue?
    If you currently have a rental and are having issues, you can always call our support line at 424-259-1003 ext 1 and we will be there to assist. If it is after hours you can text the same number or leave us a message and we will do our best to offer support ASAP. We try to respond to support calls 24/7
  • Do you offer delivery of packages?
    Currently, we do not offer delivery of rental packages
  • Is there a space for Prepping at your rental house?
    Yes, if you would like space for prepping just let us know and will get you scheduled. You can also schedule a time yourself on our homepage by clicking "Schedule pickup and prep"
  • Do you offer any post production services
    We do! We actually have a full post production facility, see our home page for more info.
  • Can I do a direct rental for pickup the same day if I don’t already have an account set up?
    In most cases the answer is no, we need time to verify your information and this can take up to 48hrs in most cases. In these circumstances we suggest using sharegrid
  • How do I rent if I was denied an insurance policy or an account through sharegrid?
    Unfortunately we do not rent without insurance. We do not take credit card deposits at this time. If you have been declined for a sharegrid account you will likely be declined for a direct account with us as well as we use similar systems to verify identity
  • My account is under review with Sharegrid. What’s my next step?
    If you are a new renter on Sharegrid make sure your references are available for verification and continue to check for email from Sharegrid requesting any further information. Otherwise you have to wait for approval.
  • How long do I have to return missing gear?
    24hrs. We generally will give you 24hrs to find and return missing gear unless we have an existing arrangement with our team. After 24hrs you will be charged the full replacement value of the missing items including shipping tax and service fee up to your deductible amount. If you find the gear and return it after we have charged you but before we have ordered a replacement (usually 5 to 10days) we will refund you the full amount. After we have ordered a replacement we are unable to offer any refund. Any items whos value exceeds the deductible of your insurance will need a claim filed within 48hrs or we will charge the full replacement value without the use of insurance.
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