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Terms, Conditions & FAQ

Rental FAQ

Rentals are booked from your pickup day to your return day. If you plan on shooting on your pickup day then either book the prior day to assure your gear availability first AM, or be flexible with your start time as your gear may not be available till afternoon. 

Pickups are after 1pm unless prior arrangements are made with our sales team

Returns are from 9am to 12pm with no exceptions. Returns after 12pm and before 3pm will incur a half day late fee. Returns after 3pm will be charged a full additional rental day. 

Loss or Damage claims must be filed within 48hrs of the return of the rental or the full replacement amount of the damaged item will be charged on your credit card. Our team will message you within 36hrs to remind you of the need for the claim to be filed.

All rentals must be returned in good working condition matching how it was delivered, dirty or poorly packed items may incur cleaning and damage fees.  

Common Sense Rentals

COMMON SENSE is key to a smooth rental. Although we offer a personal experience we are still a rental house, and a company. Please respect
common industry practice, good communication, and respectful use (treat it as your own). This is regardless of who is using the gear, you yourself or
your crew. YOU are still responsible. Please check all items before return, do not forget items, loose items, or return the equipment damaged or dirty.
We strive to provide high quality, meticulously maintained equipment for your shoots.

Direct vs Sharegrid

Insurance is the general determining factor on if you should book direct or via sharegrid. If you have applied for an account with our team and have given 48hrs for us to process the paperwork, as well as submitted a COI per our guidlines then a direct rental is possible. 

If you do not have insurance and the total value of the gear in your rental is under $30,000 then sharegrid is your best option

If you are within 24hrs of your rental day and you have not applied for an account with our team then Sharegrid is your best option. 

If your total value of the gear on your rental exceeds $30,000 then we assist you via our links on our Insurance and Documents page with pruchasing a Short Term or Annual Insurance policy which can be used for both us and sharegrid

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards
- PAYPAL -Venmo -Zelle -ACH -Wire Transfer

- Company Check

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