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Introduced as far back as 1950s, most of these lenses were based on Carl Zeiss optical formulas, which gave them a solid optical performance combined with unique image characteristics, such as dreamy flares, swirly bokeh, and overall painterly texture that can only be produced in-camera! These lenses are surprisingly sharp in the middle of the frame and have a gentle focus fall-off at the edges. They deliver excellent contrast and vibrant colours in controlled lighting conditions, but when you allow them to flare, they truly come alive, and their character shines through! IronGlass Soviet lenses have been used on many major projects, including The Batman (2022), The Pope’s Exorcist (2023), The Creator (2023), and Dune: Part Two (2024)

Iron Glass MK2 Vintage Soviet Primes

    • 20mm T3.6 CF 7″ / 0.17m
    • 28mm T3.6 CF 8″ / 0.20m
    • 37mm T2.9 CF 1’3″ / 0.36m
    • 58mm T2.1 CF 1’6″ / 0.46m
    • 85mm T2.1 CF 2’6″ / 0.76m
    • 85mm T1.5 CF 2’6″ / 0.76m
    • 135mm T2.9 CF 3’9″ / 1.15m

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