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Bring your 435 up to modern standards with our new accessory packages. 

We have designed in-house a new comprehensive camera cage which fits on the AC side of the 435ES camera body. This cage ties the body itself into the stock arri top handle, giving strong renforcement to the small 10-32 screws that secure the handle. This allows for greater load carrying and easyrig use. 

The cage has a cull cheese plate design with ARRI standard 3/8-16 and 1/4-20 anti rotation pattern throughout. The plate is also compatible with Ratworks Cube Bars for additional rod mounting options. 

It was designed to work directly with the Mothco Designs HD Video tap and has a generous cutout for its clearance.. This can however be used with both IVS and other manufacturers of similar dimensions. 

Made from 6061 machined, bead blasted and anodized aluminum and designed completely inhouse here at DeHaven camera.


For power we have worked with CORE SWX to create a special HLX Power Management plate with full support for all ARRI 2 pin power connectors. This plate leverages the current capacity of the Helix Max high voltage, high current batteries to provide unregulated 28+v to the camera allowing high frame rate perfomance up to 150FPS without the need for voltage upconversion. 

The power management plate incorporates a 3pin XLR 24v input for use with standard block batteries while still giving regular power distribution to multiple 2 pin, 3pin and D-tap ports. 

With a built in OLED display you can keep an eye on your power usage with ease. 


Lastly adding in the integrated HD-TAP for full HD 1080p viewing. Compatible with all modern video accessories such as SmallHD monitors and Teradek transmitters.


all this leaves the integrated 3 pin power/run stop lemo on the front of the 435 free for use with modern Follow Focus systems such as HI-5 and WCU-4 as well as Preston, Nucleus and many others. The full package creates a fully modernized 35mm Film camera ready for demanding production and modern workflows. 


Available as a full package or individually. 

Arriflex 435 Modernization kit | Cage | Tap | Power Distro

    • Full Modernization kit - $4300
    • DeHaven Camera Cage - $1000
    • Core HLX Power Manager - $1200
    • HD-tap -$2200 

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