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One of the most beautiful lenses Canon ever produced, and now in a multi format PL cine housing (FF at 30-105mm T3.5 or S35 at 24-75mm T2.6) This lens is everything we love about the vintage K35 and Canon FD lenses. Big gorgeous flares with tones of amber, green and magenta. Low Contrast but sharp on center with a soft falloff from center. expressive Bokeh with tons of cateye at the edges. We have loved this years for years but the orignal FD still lens had a rotating front and was tough to convert to EF (though we did). Ancient Optics took on the challenge and brought this amazing lens to modern cinema.  We can congifure this in either Full Frame or S35 modes to get the most out of its character for the camera you are shooting.. We are so excited to be one of the few to have this lens available now for rental.. 

Canon FD 30-105mm (24-75mm S35) Ancient Optics T3 Zoom

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