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The most portable true camera dolly made. The Premiere PD-1 folds up to 34 x 44 x 21" and can fit in the back seat of a LARGE car **WITHOUT DOLLY TRACK AND SOME ACCESSORIES** HOWEVER a Van or Large truck is highly recommended so the dolly can be transported in a small road case. No hydraulics to fail or charge and has an unloaded weight of only 120 lbs. This unique dolly has a boom travel of 32", can be steered from the push bar and has built in track wheels with our 18' of included track. Forget the dana dolly or the wobbly doorway dolly. Use a real camera dolly to get all those classic shots, or just make it easier to move around set.

Premiere PD1 Dolly

  • If transported by car (not in case)

    • (1) PD-1 Dolly
    • (1) seat and post
    • (1) choice of mount

    if transported by suv, van, truck, etc in case

    • (1) PD-1 Dolly
    • (1) seat and post
    • (2) side boards
    • (1) 75mm mount
    • (1) 100mm mount
    • (1) riser
    • 18' of track included (depends on transport size) (16) wedges


    • Length (Minimum) 34″ (86cm)
    • Length (Maximum) 44″ (112cm)
    • Width (Minimum) 21″ (53cm)
    • Width (Maximum) 32″ (81cm)
    • Height (Minimum) 16″ (41cm)
    • Push Bar Height 34″ (86cm)
    • Carrying Weight 120 lbs (55kg)
    • Vertical Boom Travel 32″ (81cm)
    • Low Lens Height (without attachments) 30″ (76cm)
    • High Lens Height (without Risers) 62″ (157cm)
    • Maximum Boom Lifting Capacity 75 lbs (34kg)

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