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The Astera AX1 Wireless PixelTube is a wireless DMX LED light fixture with an integrated battery that is suitable for a variety uses in cine, theatrical, and event productions. The AX1 features 16 individually addressable LED emitters in a 40.7" long tube that you can mount into a set, on a stand, hang from a grid, or even hold in your bare hand. The AX1 features a CRI rating of 88, which provides for good color rendition. The fixture can be used to create a soft, direct light on your subject or be used as an accent light as well as a design element in the location or set.

copy of Astera AX1 Pixeltube Kit + ART7 + iPAD

    • (8) AX1 Tubes
    • (1) ART7 Transmitter
    • (1) Samsugn Tablet
    • (1) DMX cable
    • (1) Charging case with DMX power supply
    • (16) mounts
    • (16) eye bolts
    • (16) cotter pins
    • (8) mount plates

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