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A rare find now adays. These Century Optics rehousings of the tried and true classic Series 2 and Series 3 Cooke Speed Panchros. 

What makes these special? The Century housings were designed for extreme close focus, most of the lenses in this set can focus to within 2-4" from front of the lens. Super popular in the mid 1990's with tabletop directors, these are truly a rare find and one that produces beautiful images. 

Wide open they are slightly soft, a reasonable halation, and some minor edge fall off. The Boken feels sharp with very defined feautres. Stop these down to T4 where they really shine (and were really desinged to work) and they become very sharp on center, beautiful edge definition, gorgeous flares with lots of gemoetric shapes and colors. 

We love these lenses and they truly define that "Cooke Look"

Cooke Ser2/3 Vintage Speed Panchro - Century Rehoused

    • 18mm T2.2
    • 25mm T2.3
    • 32mm T2.3
    • 40mm T2.3
    • 50mm T2.3
    • 75mm T2.3
    • 100mm T2.3


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