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The best offering from BlackMagic, 4.6K S35 sensor with amazing color science and wide dynamic range along with high frame rates. This camera is the flagship of the BM lineup

Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K G2

    • BlackMagic Ursa Mini Pro G2 4.6K Body - EF or PL mount
    • Black Magic OLED Viewfinder
    • Black Magic URSA Shoulder kit with side handle
    • Smallrig VCT Quick release baseplate
    • (2) 12" 15mm rods
    • (2) 8" 15mm Rods
    • (1) 1TB Angelbird PKT-SSD with mount
    • (1) 512gb Angelbird C-fast cards
    • (1) 256gb Angelbird C-fast cards
    • (1) 128gb Angelbird UHS-II SD cards
    • Angelbird C-fast USB-C/3 card reader
    • Kingston UHS-II USB3 Card Reader
    • (2) 98w Core Helix Gold Mount Battery
    • CoreSWX Dual Gold Mount Charger
    • Wooden Camera DBox with 2 and 3 pin lemo outputs
    • Gold Mount plate
    • Smallrig Top handle
    • Smallrig Side Cheese plate

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