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One of the most used and most popular lenses on the market. If you are looking for that unique vintage character but want a modern reliable lens with Full Frame + coverage this is the lens set you have been looking for. Purpose-designed for large format motion picture imaging, BLACKWING7 lenses from TRIBE7 represent an entirely new range of tuned optics for contemporary film makers to use within their creative story telling. BLACKWING7 optics exhibit unique imaging properties which arise from the introduction of controlled distortion during the development and manufacturing processes. This distortion is modular and allows a level of tuneability over key parameters which shape many creative characteristics of the lenses. Each focal length in the set represents a unique optical design that takes inspiration from some of the most popular lenses of the past. Instead of a full set of one optical design. Tribe choose thier favorites for each focal length. This allows for each lens to represent a unique character and look while still maintainng a consistent visual language. Our set is based on the "T" tuning, which represents the middle of the range, expressive but not overpowering. Then we have the full 2000 and 3000 skin sets. The SKIN is a set of front and rear elements with different coatings. This allows us to further "tune" the lens to the look you require. Our set is also unique in that we include the 20.7mm Binary.. A limited edition of the widest lens in the series that adds an even more unique look to the series.



Available in 3, 5, and 7 lens sets. For short term rentals we only will rent them in the tune and skin that we have currently setup, or if you require a specific tune we can modify them for an additonal fee.. For longer term rentals we can tune to your needs at no additional fee. Please contact us to discuss the options for tuning.

Tribe7 Blackwing T Tuned w/ Skins

    • 20.7mm T1.9 Binary
    • 27mm T1.9
    • 37mm T1.9
    • 47mm T1.9
    • 57mm T1.9
    • 77mm T1.9
    • 107mm T1.9

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