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Sony Venice CineAlta 6k Full Frame, 4.6K S35 camera complete with AX7 RAW Recorder, High speed license, Anamorphic license, RAW License. Kit includes both SxS Pro+ Cards for prores and XAVC recording as well as the AXSM s48 HIGH SPEED cards for RAW Recording at any frame rate and any compression ratio.

Sony Venice 1

    • 1x Sony Venice 6k Body
    • 4x 150w CoreSWX Helix Gold Mount or 180wh ID-X V-mount Battery
    • 1x CoreSWX or ID-X Quad Simultaneous Charger
    • 1x Sony OLED Viewfinder
    • 2x 512gb s48 AXSM Card
    • 2x 64gb SxS Pro+ Card
    • 1x AXSM Card Reader - USB3
    • 1x SxS USB3 Card Reader
    • 1x AX7 RAW Recorder
    • 1x High Speed License
    • 1x RAW License
    • 1x Anamorphic License
    • 1x EVF cable
    • 1x D-tap power cable
    • 1x ARRI Standard Dovetail
    • 2x 12" 15mm rods
    • 1x Tilta Advanced Power Cage
    • 1x Wooden A-Box Audio Adapter
    • 1x Innerspace Case

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