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Perfect Additon to any of our Gimbal packages!

The ultimate all in one package. SmallHD Cine7 monitor with 1800 nit brightness and P3 color, built in Teradek Bolt 500 wireless transmitter, the RED DSMC2 camera control package, and a ACE 500 wireless receiver. add any monitor from our inventory (at additional cost) or use your own to complete the kit!

SmallHD Cine 7 with Bolt 500TX built in

    • 1920x1080 panel 
    • D-tap or 2 pin lemo power cable
    • DC to D-tap power cable
    • AC adapter for Ace 500
    • Red DSMC or Komodo Control Cable on request
    • 12g SDI Cable
    • (1) Cine 7 with Bolt 500 and RED control license package
    • (1) Teradek Ace 500 RX unit (HDMI)


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