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Gorgeous, Beautiful, Vintage a few words to descibe this lens.. Big flares, pincushion distortion (similar to Cooke) and a classic look. 

Carry your full anamorphic range in one single lens. The PS Technik Technovision zoom is one of the only front element anamorphic zooms lenses made. This gives it all the traditional anamorphic look and feel you expect from your primes in a zoom. 

A great all arounder with a ton of character!

PS Technik Technovision 35-70mm T3.2 FF 1.5x Anamorphic Zoom

    • Zoom Range    
    • 40mm - 70mm in FF
    • (35mm - 39mm S35 only)
    • Anamorphic Squeeze Factor - 1.5X
    • Lens Mount -  PL (standard)
    • T-Stop  -  T 3.2
    • Angular Rotation of Iris Scale    ~ 72°
    • Angular Rotation to MOD Endstop    ~ 350°
    • CFD    0,72m / 2'4"
    • Image Diameter  -  min. 43.3mm
    • Iris Drive Gear    Mod. 0.8
    • Focus Drive Gear    Mod. 0.8
    • Zoom Drive Gear    Mod. 0.8
    • Front Diameter    136mm
    • Weight    3950g
    • Dimensions    264x138x138

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