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VINTAGE late 1960's Canon FD SSC high speed primes. Complete set with matched Super Spectral Coating from the same era. All lenses have been remounted without the use of additional optics or glass with a custom machined metal EF mount, NOT the cheap plastic ones from SIMMOD that other companies rent. These lenses will focus to infinity and do not have any play on the mount like the plastic EF conversions. Machined metal Focus rings, not the low cost 3D printed kind, and unified 80mm OD fronts with push on cine style lens caps, all with custom labels with clearly visible focal length, stop and close focus.

Canon FD SSC 1960's Vintage Cinemod Lens kit

    • 24mm F2.8 SSC
    • 35mm F2.0 SSC
    • 50mm F1.4 SSC
    • 55mm F1.2 SSC
    • 85mm F1.5 SSC
    • 100mm 2.8 SSC

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