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Arri's most versitile S35 camera. From Cinema to Live events to Docs.. This camera does it all


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Arri Amira

    • 4x - 150wh Core Helix Gold Mount Batteries
    • 1x Core Fleet Quad Charger
    • 4x AngelBird 256gb C-fast Cards
    • 1x Angelbird USB-C C-Fast Card Reader
    • 1x Arri MVF-1
    • 1x EVF Cable
    • 1x Arri Lightweight Dovetail
    • 1x Arri top handle and accessory mount plates
    • 1x CBP bottom plate for Steadi and Ronin
    • 1x Shape top plate for Steadi and Ronin
    • 1x AC power Supply
    • 1x 3pin Power Cable
    • 1x HIrose to 2 pin lemo
    • 2x 12" 15mm Steel Rods
    • 2x 8" 15mm Steel Rods
    • 1x Pelican hard case



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