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Round Front Anamorphic Lomos are some of the absolutely most animated of the Anamorphic Lenses. They have some wonderful blue flares that are highly desired in modern cinematography while keeping skin tones warm and natural. The internal flares of these lenses are well contained and images are sharp wide open, which is impressive since they are a 2.3.

Now re sleaved with new internal focusing housings that allow for the use of clip on matte boxes and Follow Focus motors! All the crazy quirks of the old housings are gone! 

These lenses are PL with Imperial Markings and a Close Focus of 3.5’ across the range. standard 110mm Front Elements on the 50, 75, and 100

We are a fan of the 75mm as it has some absolutely tack sharp images and wonderful flare with distinct falloff at the edges. The 50 and 100 are clean and beautiful with tons of character. All the traits of a true vintage russian anamorphic lens

50mm T/2.3
75mm T/2.3
100mm T/2.8

Lomo Vintage Round Front Anamorphic


    • 50mm T/2.3
    • 75mm T/2.3
    • 100mm T/2.8

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