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Canon Cinema EOS Full Frame Zooms

    • Canon CN-E 45-135mm T2.4

    • Canon CN-E 20-50mm T2.4

    With Full Frame large format coverage and and constant T2.4 11 blade aperture these are some of the best Full Frame zooms on the market today. 

    Expand your Canon cine-style lens choices with the full-frame CN-E 45-135mm T2.4 LF Cinema EOS Flex Zoom Lens. This PL-mount lens is color matched to the rest of the EOS cine line, featuring a warm look with natural skin tones and accurate color rendition. The 45-135mm Flex Zoom and its 20-50mm counterpart both boast a fast T2.4 maximum aperture across their entire focal ranges, enabling low-light capture with the ease of a zoom lens.

    Interchangeable EF and PL lens mounts make it easy to use the Flex zooms with a variety of cine-style cameras. Coated glass elements reduce chromatic aberration and block flares and ghosting, making this 3x zoom ideal for 4K to 8K cine-style HDR capture. An 11-blade iris produces soft, cinematic bokeh, and consistent .08-MOD gear placement and front diameter size suit the Flex zooms for use with industry-standard matte boxes and accessories. This PL-mount lens features Cooke i/ metadata display and pass-through, enabling you to record information that is crucial to FX and post-production conforming.

    8K Optical Performance

    These zoom lenses produce the warm color balance and beautiful skin tones that are consistent across the Canon cinema line. Each lens is ideal for 4K-8K HDR capture with a tonal range that reproduces natural-looking images with reduced chromatic aberration and minimal flaring and ghosting.

    Constant T2.4 Throughout Range

    A constant T2.4 maximum aperture enables low-light capture throughout both the 45-135mm and the 20-50mm zooms' entire focal length range.

    Full-Frame Sensor Coverage

    The Flex Zooms cover full-frame cinema camera sensors and are ideal for creating nuanced images with bokeh and shallow depth-of-field looks.

    Natural Bokeh

    An 11-blade aperture creates natural-looking bokeh across the minimum to maximum aperture range and a gently diffused look when capturing subjects with a bright glow.

    Interchangeable Mounts

    The interchangeable-mount Flex zooms offer both Canon EF and ARRI PL mount options, enabling you to use them with a wide array of cine-style cameras.

    Cine-Style Form

    Consistent gear placement, front-diameter size, and gear rotation ranges make it easy to switch between the 20-50 and 45-135mm Flex Zooms. Industry-standard 0.8MOD gear rings, luminous focus marks, and a durable build make these compact zooms easy with which to work.

    Advanced Metadata Support

    Compatibility with Cooke i/ metadata standards enables you to view and record lens metadata like focal length, focus distance, T-stop, and advanced functions like aberration and peripheral illumination correction.

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