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These are a little project from the skunk works. We’re calling them C35’s as a cheeky nod to what inspired the idea, they are a one off custom tuned set of lenses inspired by the K35’s and similar Canon lenses of that era.

They are all in PL mount, Focal lengths include 24, 35, 50, 85 and 135, stops vary between T1.3 and T1.5 (except the 135mm which is T2.2) with Full Frame coverage.


So what are they you ask? Well come test them for yourself or check out our test footage now posted to our website and judge for yourself.


Here is what we think, they have good center sharpness with a softness that starts around the super 16mm mark and falls off consistently to the edge of FF. The CA appears mostly reddish with almost none at the center of lens and increases gradually as you get out to the edges of frame at a rate similar to the sharpness fall off. Color rendition is slightly warm and the flares pop is green, purple, and orange tones similar to many canon lenses from the era.

Canon C35 - Custom Tuned PL Mount Primes

  •   Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight Length
      24mm T1.5 - T22 12" / 0.3m 114mm 2.8lbs 4”
      35mm T1.5 - T22 12" / 0.3m 114mm 3lbs  4”
      50mm T1.3 - T22 18" / 0.46m 114mm 2.6lbs 4”
      85mm T1.3 - T22 3' 2" / 0.97m 114mm 3lbs 4”
      135mm T2.2 - T22 3' 4" / 1.01 114mm 3.3lbs 4.55”

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